Allah is Aj-Jameel (the Most Beautiful)

Allah is Aj-Jameel (the Most Beautiful)

He is Allah, Aj-Jameel (the Most Beautiful) (Exalted is He)

O Allah, we ask You to grant us the pleasure of beholding your Most Honoured Face, and the longing to meet You.

&"Aj-Jameel&" (the Most Beautiful)

He possesses the Most Beautiful of all Names and the Most Perfect of all Attributes.

&"Aj-Jameel&" (The Most Beautiful)

He has perfectly beautiful Names, perfectly beautiful Attributes, and there is beauty in His total Perfection.. &"And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled (and made perfect) in truth and in justice&" (Al-An&"âm: 115).

He perfects everything He creates.

&"Aj-Jameel&" (The Most Beautiful)

The Beauty of the universe is a proof of His Beauty and Glory. His Beauty can never be comprehended by human minds, and His Attributes can never be grasped by the perception.The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to say the following in his supplication: &" …I am not able to praise You (the way that You deserve to be praised), for You are as You have praised Yourself” (Narrated by Muslim).

&"Aj-Jameel (the Most Beautiful)”

He grants beauty in the creation, beauty in the manners and beauty in the person’s thoughts by making him have a good opinion of Him.

O Allah, You are the Most Beautiful and You love beauty, so beautify our hearts with Iman, and beautify our manners, hearts and appearances too.

He is Allah, Aj-Jameel (the Most Beautiful)