Allah is Al-Ma'tee (the Supreme Giver), and He prevents what He wants.

Allah is Al-Ma&"tee (the Supreme Giver), Al-Mani&"[1] (the Preventer)

Allah is Al-Ma&"tee (the Supreme Giver), Al-Mani&" (the Preventer).

“He is Al-Ma&"tee (the Supreme Giver), Al-Mani&" (the Preventer)”….

Praise be to Allah that He is as He describes Himself, and that He is above any description of Him which has been invented by His slaves.

Imam Ash-Shafa&"i

There is no obstructer of what He gives, and no giver for what He prevents, for all benefits come from Him. He gives them to whomever He likes and prevents them from whomever He likes, with His Wisdom and Mercy.

O Allah, You are Al-Basit (the Expander, the Extender, the Reliever), so extend to us from your Mercy, grant us from Your blessings, withhold from us harm and prevent evil from affecting us.

Allah is Al-Ma&"tee, Al-Mani&"…

[1] Al-Mani’; Scholars differ about whether this is a Name of Allah or not.