Allah is the One Who gives light and guidance

Allah, An-Nur (the Light)[1]

Allah, An-Nur (the Light) &"Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth&" (An-Nûr: 35).

Allah, “An-Nur (the Light)”

He enlightens the hearts of those who have knowledge of Him with Iman and guidance.

Allah, “An-Nur (the Light)”

Every darkness is overcome by the light He gives, which illuminates the heavens and the earth, and He illuminates the path for those who are proceeding towards Him, as well as their hearts.

Allah gives light and His veil is light, if He lifts that veil, the sublimity of His countenance will burn all that His sight reaches.

Allah, An-Nur (the Light)

[1] An-Nur; Scholars differ about whether this is a Name of Allah or not