The meaning of Lord (Rabb)

The meaning of Lord (Rabb)

The meaning of Lord (Rabb)

Allah is a name so sweet to utter and which has such a beautiful meaning. It is derived from the word that refers to ‘love’ and from that which refers to ‘sincerety in worship’...What a great name! &"He is Allah, the Creator, the Inventor, the Fashioner&" (Al-Hashr: 24).

Lord: Is the Master Who is not like any other, and the One Who manages the affairs of His creation with the blessings that He has granted them. He is the Owner who controls the creation and commands them. The word Lord cannot be used to describe a human except if it is used in phrases like: rabb ad-Darr (head of a family) or rabb al maal (owner of the money). But if it is used alone, this word only indicates Allah.

He is Allah, Al- Khaleq (Creator), Al-Bari&" (Initiator), and Al-Mosawwer (the Faishoner), who created, initiated from nothing and formed everything that exists according to His wisdom, and then fashioned everything according to His mercy and wisdom. He possesses these great attributes and will continue possessing them till time eternal.

As people are aware of their dire need for the Lord before they become aware of their dire need for a god to worship, and as they wish to fulfil their immediate needs before any other needs, their acknowledgement of the Lordship of Allah precedes that of His divinity. They pray to Him, ask for His help and trust Him more than they worship and turn in repentance and devotion to Him.

Allah, the Lord, He is the Manager of the affairs of all His creation and the Granter of all blessings. A special type of this management of affairs is that which Allah directs towards those He chooses by guiding their hearts, souls and manners. They, therefore, frequently make du&"a to Him using that sublime name for they ask from Him that special type of management.

The meaning of Lord and Lordship includes great meanings, for example managing affairs, and granting rizq (sustenance), health, success and guidance. Allah the Exalted says: 79- And it is He who feeds me and gives me drink. 80- And when I am ill, it is He who cures me 81- And who will cause me to die and then bring me to life (Ash-Shu&"arâ&": 79-81).