The effects of Iman in Allah's Names and Attributes on the slave

The effects of Iman in Allah's Names and Attributes on the slave

Effects of Iman in Allah&"s Names and Attributes on the slave

1-Performing worship with Allah&"s Names and Attributes: When Allah&"s slave learns His Names and Attributes he will believe in them, which is what Allah intended by revealing them, and if he learns their meanings his Iman in Allah will increase. Therefore Allah will be glorified and revered in the hearts of those who know Him. It is rightly said that the more knowledge one has of his Lord, Allah, the more fear he has of Him.

2-Increasing one’s Iman: The knowledge of Allah&"s Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes motivates the slave to sense the Greatness of Allah (mighty and majestic is He), which increases his Iman and his subservience to Him. &"Those who are guided - He increases them in guidance and gives them their righteousness&" (Muhammad: 17).

3-The Remembrance of Allah: He who knows his Lord loves Him, and he who loves his Lord frequently remembers Him because he has occupied all his heart with that love, to the extent that the slave loves only for Allah&"s sake and hates only for Allah&"s sake.

Allah (mighty and majestic is He) says: &"(Yet) among the people are those who take other than Allah as equals (to Him). They love them as they (should) love Allah. But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah&" (Al-Baqarah: 165).

4-When the Mu&"men knows just how exalted Allah&"s Attributes are, his soul inclines to His Lord, and clings tightly to Him. The Mu&"men&"s soul rejoices with the knowledge of the Perfection of its Lord and His Majesty and Beauty. Thus, the soul finds delight in the Words of Al-Rahman and finds consolation in supplicating Him and fearing Him, because the love of Allah (mighty and majestic is He) drives him to this. Such a Mu&"men loves Allah and loves what He loves and whom He loves.

It is not befitting for anyone to say anything about the dhaat (essence) of Allah. Rather, He is to be described with what He describes Himself, and the person is not to say anything about Allah based upon his opinion. Blessed and Exalted is Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Imam Abu Hanifa

5-Being shy and bashful of Allah the Exalted: The more you know Allah (mighty and majestic is He) the more you feel awe and veneration towards Him. And the more you feel this, the shyer and more bashful you are of Him, thus protecting yourself (from sins), making you remember the day you will die and stand before Him, and making you use your abilities to gain Allah’s pleasure.

6-Modesty and humility of the soul towards Allah: When you know your Lord&"s Glory you will know your own humility, and when you know His Strength you will know your weakness, and when you know His Kingdom you will know your poverty, and when you know His Perfection you will know your defects, and when you know the entirety of His Attributes and the Beauty of His Names then you will know the entirety of your poverty, need, humility and lowliness, for you are nothing but a slave of Allah.